About Me

I am just an everyday girl who loves fashion. I have always been fascinated with styling pieces together. I LOVE how one simply item can change a whole outfit. Many of my friends and family know me as a Jewelry Addict, but in all honesty I see Jewelry as Art. I love making pieces just as much as I love buying them. I get so inspired to see other artists and what they create. It is amazing to see what is out there, Art is everywhere.
My Journey started in Chicago, when I visited a street market. I feel in love with this place and have since traveled back just to attend this event. I felt so inspired when I returned home. I went to a local Jewelry store my dad had always taken me to when I was younger.  He also is a big inspiration; his creativity is what shines in me and I am forever humble. I set my intentions on making a wrap bracelet for a dear friend of mine. It took me several tries and hours to make a double wrap bracelet; in which I was able complete in time for her Birthday. She was so happy and from here my Journey blossomed.
People always ask my where do I see myself going with this? I set new intentions every week for my company and myself. I value everything I make and I am somewhat of a perfectionist. All the little details matter, from the Gemstones all the way to the packaging. I know for me presentation is key. One of my many goals is for a buyer to have that one piece of jewelry that stands out. That one piece can be the center of conversation and have a great story around it. I also LOVE making custom jewelry because this is intentionally for you; to have a unique fit and piece of jewelry makes me feel enriched.
It is always the small things that make an impact.  Therefore, when I receive feedback I cannot help but feel overwhelmed, humble and extremely grateful. 
Thank you for being part of my journey!